A Single Woman’s Christmas Musings, Part 2

So…I’m getting ready for some holiday parties and have got my hope back, sort of. Thanks to a couple of single friends who, like myself, are quietly wishing Christmas to be over with.

It helps to swap stories, tales of Christmases spent in foreign countries, on the road, and in tiny apartments. We singles live amazing, complex lives.

I’ve dropped out of social media fora bit, needing to collect my thoughts without so much input. I also realize that my social media news feed tends to bring more negative than positive feelings these days. Social experiment by large companies or not, there’s a disconnect with the self in the 24-7 availability of everyone else’s opinions. We all need quiet and alone time to sort out our own ideas.

Another reason for my hope being restored is that there are several stories of good deeds, aka pay it forwards, that are happening around me right now.

I’d love to be able to start a pay it forward chain this year, perhaps I will–anonymously.

A real hope will begin with a new year: a clean slate, to be (maybe) filled with travel, adventures, and–at long last–a creative job. Those are my goals for 2015.

Contest at Gothic Tones!

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A Single Woman’s Christmas Musings

It’s the season to be hopeful…my hope arrived today in the mail, sort of. I mean, it wasn’t clearly labeled and seemed to only be a package from a gemstone-and-bead outlet. :) Nonetheless, I’m making my own Christmas present, a necklace, with some of these goods!

I feel inspired to write a post about singles and Christmas, I guess because this year I’m truly alone. I am used to having friends, roommates, family, or even a pet around me during this time. This year, it’s just me. In my apartment with a crafting and writing table for company, neighbors running up and down the stairs at all hours, and maintenance paging across the parking lot.

Maybe because I am alone this holiday, all the cheer I see on social media seems a little unreal. As much as I value the “me time” living alone gives, I miss exchanging secrets with friends, trying to keep presents hidden, and the general sappiness of Christmas movies playing in the background. (Ok, that last one I can do.)

It’s also tough not to be a Scrooge at work, when it seems like much of the public has their Mr/Mrs Potter hats on (how wonderful is your life?). Every smile I give away feels like a pint of blood straight out of the arm. A few times I locked myself in a dressing room and cried for 2 minutes. But everyone needs a break, right?

This year was also going to be “the big one” for me. I was experimenting with new ways of thinking, still fresh from accomplishing a degree program and ready to look for a relationship. Somehow, each of these things slowly turned sour. I found myself with no connections to get me in any doors. I had to rely on myself. It was a big lesson. All experience, and all advice is personal, and may not apply to your situation. At least that happened to me.

All the hope I had at the beginning of the year seems to have died like an uncared-for poinsettia, to use a hilarious metaphor. Lots of crunchy leaves underfoot.

It’s the season of hope. I better get out that watering can.

In the meantime, Merry Christmas. I don’t really have advice for anyone going through a similar situation–it hasn’t gotten any better yet. I guess I’ll just say, when it does, share the hope.

SuSAn is now available for Kindle!

For several months, I helped my friend Fred Rothganger edit and revise his first novel. I’m pleased to report he self-published it on Thanksgiving weekend and it’s now available to read!

SuSAN is a dystopian romance and thriller. If you enjoy adventure, romance, and real science in science fiction, this is the book for you! You can download it here on Amazon:http://www.amazon.com/SuSAn-Fred-Rothganger-ebook/dp/B00QEIAUAC

Happy Reading!

More from Gothic Tones!

I’ve now added a link to the sidebar where you can visit my Gothic Tones shop on Etsy. I’m excited to report that the shop is beginning to get some notice. I’ve really enjoyed creating unique jewelry and as for finding vintage, I think it must run in my family! I’m always able to get amazing pieces, no matter how much “junk” I have to sort through to find my treasures!

After Dec 2, I’ll be launching some new art prints in the shop as well. Keep watching for new updates!



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