My newest venture: Gothic Tones

Ok, I did it. I started a jewelry shop on Etsy. I keep telling myself this might be crazy, but you never know! My shop is called Gothic Tones, and it features Gothic and vintage inspired jewelry. Oh, and there will be art, too. But that’s coming later. In the meantime, check it out over at

Here’s a few samples:

gothictones Heart of London 2

IMG_2096 IMG_2091 Queen of Hearts Necklace 1

Some new book covers I’ve been working on

And I’m looking for opinions! These are the newest efforts for the cover of Dragon’s Rook, a fantasy novel by Keanan Brand. Which is your favorite or which one needs improvement? Comment below!

Dragon's Rook frontcover3 Dragon's Rook frontcover4 Dragon's Rook frontcover5

Dracula Untold mini-review

Dracula is back….Dracula_Untold_poster 

But sadly enough, with less blood and more romance added to the character. When I read this was to be a Universal Studios reboot of the monster franchises, I thought “Really?” I mean, Bram Stoker’s Dracula(1992)had more blood and action. There were a few cringe scenes in this film, but not nearly as many as I would have expected from a flick featuring a gruesome historical character without much of a heart.

This film, aimed more at women than men–I believe, would actually be a good date movie. It’s a monster flick wrapped up in a LOTR-styled package.

Luke Evans does give a great performance as Vlad the Imapaler. His acting chops are quite impressive. Take the scene where he gets the strength of the vampire: his confusion is evident and palpable to the audience. However, the camera loves him as well. I’d almost purchase the DVD just for some of the shirtless shots.

The actress who portrayed his wife reminded me somehow of Eva Gabor in Green Acres. I had a hard time not hearing the theme song as I watched her run about distractedly and solve problems! Don’t know where the image got into my brain, but it stuck.(“Transylvania is the place for me/Castle living through eternity…”) I think her character would have benefited from a grittier reboot.

The monstrous vampire who lives in a mountain cave is archaically gruesome.

And the action scenes are quite immersive.

However: make up your mind if a cross or silver will weaken a vampire. Silver always does in this film, but the cross–it does, then it doesn’t.

And the ending of the film was a big disappointment. Not to spoil it, but playing with timelines was done far better in the 1992 film.

Personal opinion: Better vamp romance/swordfighting, yes. Not enough darkness, meh. He’s a vampire–darkness is his birthright.

—photo credit Wikipedia film page—

When there are no words

Hello….it’s been a while.

I’ve dropped back on my social media and communication recently.

But I have my reasons. I started a sort of life some years ago that included very unhealthy friends. Now I’m leaving that way of thinking, that way of being and I find that getting away from bad friendships/relationships is a struggle I’m just not prepared for.

Nobody tells you how deep the roots of these things go. And you don’t think about it at the time because these are the people you want to be with. For all the wrong reasons. But then you have to impose silence, or at least put up a barrier between you. Just so you can heal.

You’d like to get closure. I’m all about closure, actually. I’m pretty sure that I need a concrete, “goodbye, it was nice knowing you/goodbye, I hate you and always have.” Even if it’s the second one!

The problem with closure is that it means you are once again communicating with an abusive person, or a gossip, or  at the very least an unhealthy person. You can’t really go back to the days when you didn’t see what was wrong with the relationship.

So for now I have kept silence, but I don’t deceive myself that these people will suddenly see the error of their ways.

It’s the bitter drink, and you have to drink it. Don’t call, don’t write.

But I’m already healing. And there might be a time for communication again. When all is healed and when it can be approached with understanding.

That’s the time to hit redial….but not till then.

As a writer, I have some new themes to explore. I’ll try to share more about my new work in the coming months.

So what’s your opinion on closure? Has it helped or has it hurt more in past relationships?

photo (21)

Break Away

Lately, everything seems to be going wrong for me. Health concerns, job applications unanswered, having to deal with fallout from past friendships and relationships. It’s been the worst of times, but the best of times, if I could steal a little from Dickens’ ideology.


I’ve really been able to get down to the core of my personality and deal with all the unpleasant things I would never post to Facebook. As a matter of fact, as I write, my sister and cousin posted a “positive husband” photo–you know, one of those inspirational sharing things that people craft onto coffee mugs for office-party presents. It reminds me of all the trouble I’ve ever been in, trying to find such a husband. :)


There was a time I frequented the self-help blogs. The ones that say, “ignore the men and they will chase you.” Yeah, that’s the problem. The ones that chase me are the ones I don’t want, and I do ignore. It’s never really addressed properly by the self-help-people. I expect that is because no one wants to admit the truth… at some point in time we all are attracted to people we have no business being with.

But right now, in my little apartment, I feel that I’m finally without any resources expect myself and God’s help. I just don’t seem to take a step forward without taking one back.

This is the time one of my friends warned me about. She said, “You might be broke (I’m not) or just stripped down to your essential self before you can move on.

Ok, I have been stripped down, and I’m slowly losing my grip on those things I always thought I wanted. Security is overrated at times. I’m currently listening to some teenagers in the restaurant where I’m at, musing if they would rather be “chain smokers or alcoholics.” Wow. I could have been there, some years ago. I could have married someone like that. Guess what, I didn’t.

Maybe I’ve not made the best of choices, but I’m here, now, and breaking away from what looks like a small-town world. I’m ready for whatever adventures I have next, because I’ve grown so much over the past few years. Hopefully I will not lose the ground I have gained. :)


photo 3


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