Rockin’ New Fashion–hot off the presses!


Here’s my latest work, and also some updated shots of the jewelry available in my Gothic Tones store!

Originally posted on Gothic Tones :

These are just a few of the new items I’ve been listing online at my shop! (Plus some updated pieces of the collection that have new looks!) Visit Gothic Tones for a better look at these… I’m really torn right now….my favorites are the Underground Flirt necklace, but I love the Surrealist Cross earrings too!

It’s as much fun to make, photograph and model these items as it is to dream them up. My inspirations this week have been Surrealist painters, mermaid tales, and of course Sherlock (the series).

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Snow Day virtues and vices

It’s a couple of days after Valentine’s. I feel like a castle dweller, sitting in my upstairs apartment, watching snow drift down outside. Shivering because I keep a chilly castle! But I have plenty of coffee.

I missed work for the first time in several months…feels like a guilty sort of pleasure to know that you really can’t get to work an hour away without taking a spill unless you’re lucky.

What a contrast to Saturday: I had a day off and went to Crystal Bridges to garner some inspiration. The weather was a glorious suntanned 70 degrees. Came back and immediately fell into art like it was a vice I’d forgotten I had….

Sometimes it can be a vice. It takes you away from everyone. It makes you spend money and lose sleep.

But what a beautiful thing it is…so subjective you can’t even pin it down.

I overheard some people in the museum discussing composition and lines in a painting. I’m afraid they might not have liked me very much if they’d known: I look at colors, faces and detail. It’s not so much the geometry of the work, though I love the use of negative spaces in composition.

We all have our own particular way to see. Art can speak anyone’s language, but only particular art/artists speak yours and mine.

And that’s my snow day discussion!


My freedom experiment is continuing successfully…


I’ve successfully stayed off Facebook for a while now, and I really, really like the freedom I’m feeling. No pressure to take selfies, for instance.

No need to update everyone on the successes or failures of projects.

Feeling quite free of a small, annoying addiction.

In fact, I feel slightly anonymous–except to you, good reader.

I really have no desire to return and I rather dread that I may have to open the page again to download vacation photos that were eaten by a former computer–that is sadly no longer with us.

Have you taken time off from social media? How did it make you feel–and would you go back? I’m contemplating keeping my account open for messages. But that just seems to open the door back into social media addiction. Would you return, or not?

Newer version of the book cover(updated)

Two versions of the book cover, with the logo and effects for the front cover text changed. Which is your favorite? Updated–the last 2 are the newest versions, one with the Penworthy Press logo on the back and one without. I kind of like the logo on the back, your thoughts?

Dragon’s Rook print cover sample


Trial version of my artwork/design for the paperback cover of Dragon’s Rook. What do you think? I’m pretty excited that it’s nearly complete. This may not be the final version, but I feel that we are getting close to the goal of a fantastic cover for this excellent debut novel–available here on Amazon.

I’m also a freelance artist–comment if you’d like to hire me for your next project!


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