Like robots? Then this novel is for you!

Transformed Do you wonder what artificial intelligence will bring to our world? Will we find them friends or enemies? And will robots help us define what it means to be truly human? Today robot news seems to be in the mainstream of our culture….and we don’t know when the future may arrive….

Get a look at the future with Fred Rothganger’s new novel: SuSAn: A Romance with Technology. It’s available on Amazon for Kindle and e-readers, as well as in paperback format. Read about the author and his work on Facebook.

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Susan has all the feelings of a human girl—plus extreme intelligence and the body of a sex machine. She is born in a lab, and her whole life is one big experiment. She goes in search of love.

He gently kissed her lips. She felt herself melt softly into his arms. He could do anything with her, and she would flow along with him. She gazed dreamily into his face, only centimeters from hers.

Suddenly he reared back in fright. “Susan, your eyes!”

“Oh … my eyes.” She turned away, and tears welled up. “Those are my designer contacts. Do you like them?”

Only one man knows what she is and still treats her like a person. Living with the Singularity is not easy. Civilization teeters on the brink of collapse. Human and machine alike face a terrifying future. Is their love enough? Will the ultimate technology save us?

Synopsis and artwork copyright Fred Rothganger, 2014

Novel Preview!

I wrote last year about my novel (working title–Dream House), but hadn’t really worked on it since then. This year, I’ve promised myself to dig deeper into this mystery/thriller and write, write,write!

Dream House synopsis: strangers on a London tour realize that they are part of a bigger plan involving a documentary show, mind control and sub cultural games created by a mentalist and backed by a group of investors. A Candidate will be chosen for a special operation from among the tourists–in the meantime, someone wants revenge for the past and is working against the mentalist. And then there are those who want to wake up from the net before it’s too late….

Here’s a smallish sample preview where the reader meets Ivy, one of the main characters. Her house is about to be destroyed by a gang.


“You think you’re safe in there. We’re going to get in your house. I bet you like that, huh? I bet you did this before.”

Ivy Morgan pressed her fingers helplessly against the French doors. She could see three young men on the other side, a few feet away: all were dressed in gang-style attire: slovenly jeans with chains at the belt and hooded shirts. They stared from the other side of the glass, mocking her with gestures.

The one who had been yelling threats grinned. His bare forearms were tattooed with tribal signs, and his pale skinny face was studded with metal jewelry.

They stood in the back yard between the bare Bradford pear trees. One of them flicked a lighter and aimed the orange finger of flame at a small branch. Ivy knew that the winter had been too wet for the wood to burn, but the threat of the lighter and what else they could do with it was mind-numbing.

They’ll try to burn me out.

As if in answer to her thoughts, their leader began breaking branches and dropping them into a heap against the corner of the house. His friends laughed.

“Yeah, you just wait for us in there. You’ll see what we do to you.” Behind his piercings, his face expressed glee. This was not a man who would smash through glass doors to get to her. This was a man who would choose the way to cause the most damage to the house before assaulting its owner.

And he would enjoy every second of it.

As she watched, the pile grew into a mess of leaves, twigs and dead grass. Ivy looked toward the woods. Should she run out the front door or should she stay in the house and protect it?

The front door. It was open!

The thought shocked her into action. As soon as the men were absorbed in the task of trying to light the fire, she bolted through the house.

In the bedroom, the old-fashioned cabinet television set chattered out the news. She glanced at the windows. They were locked: but the glass would offer little protection from the gang. The tornado safe room was downstairs. She hesitated. A sudden rebellious thought flashed across her panicked mind. Why leave the door open? Don’t make it easy for these creeps!

She heard their jeers from outside and an ominous thudding against the side of the house. They were playing with her. They wanted her to be as frightened as possible before they came into the house and did what they wanted with her.

Ivy hurried down the hallway past the laundry room. The screen door fastened with a hook and eye, but the main wooden door had a deadbolt and a chain lock. It was wide open. She could see the unpaved road beyond.

Why aren’t you calling 911? She asked herself as she fumbled frantically with the chain. The part of her mind that remained unmoved by the crisis whispered that she was safe. There was no need to call the police. She could outlast these bullies. The house represented security. It could in no way be violated.

She shut the door in time to see one of the men racing into the front yard. He screamed profanely at her. He beat against the door.

A sickening, splintering noise made her whirl and run to the kitchen.

“No, not again!” She scrabbled at the kitchen drawers, clawing one open. A jumble of metal implements menaced her fingers. Where was it—ah, there it was. The impossibly large carving knife felt like an unbalanced dagger in her trembling hands.

She held it close to her body, blade pointed in the direction of the front entry.

More crashing and splintering noises came from both front and back of the house. She could smell smoke.

“Help me.”

It was a prayer, but she couldn’t even get the words past her lips.

The walls began to shake. There was a dipping motion, up and down. The dishes in the cabinet rattled.

A strange light shone through the windows. It was not unlike sunlight, but with an unfiltered quality to it that made the eye see things in better detail. The kitchen chandelier swayed back and forth. With a thump, a plate rattled its way out of the cabinet and shattered on the floor….

The voices outside now sounded more orderly, instead of gruff menacing talk. Somewhere in the distance an alarm beeped with insistent urgency.

How long will this go on?

Not sure.

Mr. Najjar, Paging Mr. Najjar.

Ivy opened her eyes.


What are your thoughts on this preview? Like/dislike? Would you read more?

PS: I apologize for the formatting not translating well…I’m posting from my phone. :)

Gothic Tones has a Facebook page!


Check it out!

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I’ll be doing some creative things with the page, maybe even some jewelry giveaways.

Keep “tuned to the tones” at: Gothic Tones Facebook for more info!


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Something a bit different: a dragon in the making


First digital painting of this concept–improvements are in the works! :)

Originally posted on Gothic Tones :

Silver DragonI’m working on a friend’s book cover and have drawn this awesome dragon eye–which I’m sure will go through some changes before the final edit gets done. I’ve also entered him in a magazine art submission. Here’s hoping! Recently added a gradient that seems to reflect a mysterious and stormy sky.

Here be dragons!

Artwork copyright 2015, Suzan Troutt

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What if?

falling_blocks What if? That’s what I’m asking myself right now. It’s been confirmed that my day job is going through some big changes. I feel nervous about the changes, but mostly because I value the stability it has always given me.

Now I’m asking what if–

What if I could take a leap of faith?

What if I could embrace the changes at the job….

Or what if I could leave it for something else?

Perhaps there’s a new future on the horizon! I’ve always been able to build and adapt to situations, but now I’m at a point in my life where I want what’s right for me.

It’s been a long time since I admitted that I truly need change and growth–and it feels good to finally embrace this need!

I feel scared, but spirited–sort of like I’ve been given a ticket to an amazing vacation with destination unknown. And now the waiting begins in earnest–

The good life that has been my goal (good defined as a fitting way to use talents and build dreams)may be emerging from this “what if” at long last.


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