Portfolio pages–diverse themes

I’ve been working on my online portfolio, and had recently designed a bit of a layout collage/montage for a general idea of the kind of artwork, layouts and photography I can do. These are pages from the layout book.

Each page contains its own theme. For example, the first page is my blending of ideas for steampunk noir and soft Japanese colors plus a hint of comic book action and typography for my friend’s book, SUsAN: A Romance with Technology. The book is about a robot who grows up in the laboratory and ultimately ends up facing the challenges of becoming a lover and saving the world. (Disclaimer–the top photo was used as a layout but was not an original artwork of mine.)

The second page displays a book cover I created and a meme I put together for my jewelry line. Curious about either the book or my jewelry? Find them here: Dragon’s Rook on Amazon and at Gothic Tones Jewelry. I love the rich feel of both these advertisements.

On the third page, I went with original photography from inside the Homestead, a Victorian mansion in Clinton, IL. I imagine a magazine story or booklet with a photo layout like the one I’ve chosen.

Finally, my last page is a logo and pop art expression! I love the openwork design I created using Photoshop to “punch out” holes in the letters on the Fashion meme. I’ll be experimenting more with that effect soon.

So what do you think? I’m working on a more diverse showing of what I can do as I apply for jobs, but not having a major in art or photography seems to be slowing my roll as far as employers are concerned.

Signs of Spring

I went to Nathaniel Greene gardens in Springfield, MO today, and enjoyed a lengthy walk. Flowers are just beginning to bloom, but with herb gardens and arbors, sheds and wheelbarrows around the park, you can see the gardeners getting ready for the season.

Photos copyright 2016 Suzan Troutt

Types and keys


I haven’t posted here for a while, but I’m still around. It’s been an interesting year so far: I’m looking for a new career path and a job(yes, those are two different things), have moved to a new house and am generally changing things in my life.

In pursuit of the career change, my first thought is: why do I feel like the square peg/round hole scenario has been playing out the past 9 years on the job? I’m thankful that I’ve won awards, made and exceeded goals and was transformed from a shy person who could hardly speak to someone else without blushing into a charming salesperson who has no trouble starting conversations. All that seems like progress. It looks like progress on my resume! Selling hundreds of thousands of dollars a year for someone else is work and can be play, but it’s not as satisfying as it should be to someone who loves goals and achievement.

Funny how my current work can seem like the right job but be revealed as just a sideline or highlight of my career path. I don’t feel happy there, though I love the newness of every day, meeting new people and hearing new ideas. The mundane is not for me.

I took a personality test just to be sure what was going on. Not a big believer in types without some skepticism, I tend to think our moods influence these tests.

However, it turns out that my type is a bit of a creative seeker. I’d do well in another sort of career. While I had been considering medicine(and still want to get a certification in some type of naturopathic/herbal program),from what I’ve read the bureaucracy of most hospitals might not work for me. I love the freedom of trusting my instinct in decisions. It works beautifully in the job I have now. Would it work in another profession? Certainly. Writing, journalism and anything connected with the arts as well as anything connected with entrepreneurship, needs a strong instinct and sharp perceptive skills.

I’m looking forward to testing the type results and seeing if they afford a key to better self-knowledge and career choice. But always–results of these tests are taken with a large amount of practical analysis. Here’s the site where I found a test that I enjoyed, and set me musing: http://personalityjunkie.com/

What about your experience? Have you benefited from a career aptitude or personality test? Did it influence your career choice? Reply in the comments below:




Creativity: inspired by what again?

20151005-225547-82547862.jpg Often, in fact more often than I’d like, things that seem to inspire creativity in others kill it in me. TV shows and movies are a good example of this phenomena. If I’m watching a show and it seems to copy an idea I already had, I can’t use the idea!

Does anyone else experience this, and if so how do you cope with it? I turn the TV off.

I’m more inspired by paintings and classic-style novels, and history. And photographs.

Wonder if this is just a visual thing–perhaps I prefer a static image for inspiration to project a mental movie.

In that case, great art should always be around when I want to write!:)

Photos from the DeWitt County Museum/ C.H. Moore Homestead in Clinton, IL

I was invited to go to the Clinton Illinois Annual Apple and Pork Festival this year. And besides sampling an amazing array of goodies at the Festival, I discovered this hidden gem of a house! It’s a restored Victorian mansion originally belonging to C.H. Moore, a lawyer friend of Abraham Lincoln.

The museum is staffed by volunteers, and you can tour the house and barn, learn fascinating Lincoln history, and revel in the beauty of a time when Victorian elegance held sway!

Visit the Homestead website for more details, or to plan a trip.


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