Creativity: inspired by what again?

20151005-225547-82547862.jpg Often, in fact more often than I’d like, things that seem to inspire creativity in others kill it in me. TV shows and movies are a good example of this phenomena. If I’m watching a show and it seems to copy an idea I already had, I can’t use the idea!

Does anyone else experience this, and if so how do you cope with it? I turn the TV off.

I’m more inspired by paintings and classic-style novels, and history. And photographs.

Wonder if this is just a visual thing–perhaps I prefer a static image for inspiration to project a mental movie.

In that case, great art should always be around when I want to write! :)

Photos from the DeWitt County Museum/ C.H. Moore Homestead in Clinton, IL

I was invited to go to the Clinton Illinois Annual Apple and Pork Festival this year. And besides sampling an amazing array of goodies at the Festival, I discovered this hidden gem of a house! It’s a restored Victorian mansion originally belonging to C.H. Moore, a lawyer friend of Abraham Lincoln.

The museum is staffed by volunteers, and you can tour the house and barn, learn fascinating Lincoln history, and revel in the beauty of a time when Victorian elegance held sway!

Visit the Homestead website for more details, or to plan a trip.

Groundhog Post–A funny bit of writing


A friend of mine(wink)decided that she was going to try out for a writing job with a marketing company in her area. The instructions for submitting sample work to that company were to write a blog post using certain words.

She chose one about lawn care. Certain words needed to be used in the post.

This is what she came up with! She had a bit more experience writing radio commercials. I’m sharing it because I think you might find it a little bit funny!

Don’t you wish this fictional company(RealityLawn)actually existed?


Groundhog Day on Your Lawn!


You know it’s that time of year again-time to look at your spring lawn care plans. You need to fertilize the flowerbeds, think about mowing the grass, and don’t forget that your pets may pick up stray fleas and ticks while playing on the lawn.

If each spring seems a bit like the movie Groundhog Day, where you face the same lawn care situations over and over each 24 hours, why not try something different to break the cycle?

Try a new, organic brand of fertilizer: RealityLawn. This naturally-formulated fertilizer not only promotes lush and beautiful grass length, it is a pet-safe pest control that helps repel fleas, ticks and other insects–even spiders! Keep your pets healthy and your flowers and grass glowing this spring season with RealityLawn. We even offer a local lawn service, and specialists who can answer your questions any time of day or night.

Stop living in your own personal Groundhog Day. We’re here to help!

Quote from “This Perfect Day.”


Never read this novel? Here’s the plot summary..

I liked the main themes–but there were one or two scenes I felt could have been left out and the story would have been better! Still, don’t you think this idea of a drugged society controlled by computers, written in the 70s, was eerily prescient? I read a lot of s/f growing up and have often pondered if it predicted social change, or spearheaded it.

The mistake that wasn’t. A story of the ugly pearls.

IMG_3587 IMG_3635 IMG_3639Recently, I ordered some pearls through my online supplier. It’s kind of hard to tell sizes and colors over the Internet, especially if you’re looking at the photo on a smartphone.

I’m really sure that I read their color, size and grade, but I was wavering between two choices. You know: a tap on the screen and it’s done.

So when I received these pearls, I expected them to be a B grade, creamy luster. What I got was a D grade, striated peach-colored string of pearls that looked awful. I mean, terrible. Like that oyster had put up the fight of its life with a grain of sand or a worm, whatever had invaded its territory. These pearls were a battlefield.

“I’ll throw them away, or donate them,” I thought, sweeping them to the far side of my craft table. They were certainly not the glowing, evenly matched pearls I had anticipated. Fortunately, my investment was small. I could do without them.

After a few days of not acting on my thoughts, I noticed the pearls again. I picked up the string. “Ah, they’re not so bad. There’s got to be at least a pair that will work for earrings in here.” I was getting interested in these pearls now. They didn’t look so bad. In fact, there were a few that were nearly perfectly round and shining. I almost missed them by looking at the more misshapen ones.

I went to work and created a necklace and two pairs of earrings. Posted the pictures: here’s hoping no one thinks these are ugly.

To my shock, these pearls got the most love out of any items I had made! People commented, favorited and liked any and all pictures of them. Peach is the “hot color” this year.

This incident got my attention. The mistake I made turned out to be a solid investment, even if I don’t sell out of the peach pearl jewelry, I love my creation. I no longer see them as ugly.

I’ve been going through a health crisis of sorts ever since early August. Had a pinched nerve, but other symptoms as well. It’s left me tired of being in pain. Tired of wondering if it’s something else….something worse.

I’ve always been so good at spotting the ugly situations first, rather than seeing the less-than-perfect things as an opportunity to learn.

I have to remind myself that there might be a pearl or two–of wisdom, hopefully–that I will learn through these tough times.

It may not look perfect, but I have a feeling I’ll love the unusual wisdom I will gain from this fight!


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