Favorite books/your artwork challenge!


Since selfies are so maligned, I will state my rebel position of NOT being against them(unless they are excessive.)

So here’s a fun blog challenge–take a selfie with a book you wrote, art you created, or just your favorite books and post them to your blog this week! Book and art awareness should be trending on social media, instead of some of the controversy we’ve seen lately!

I created the cover art for Dragon’s Rook, and was a content editor for Susan: a Romance with Technology. Beyond my work on these two volumes, I can say they ARE some of my favorite books, by talented authors! Check them out on Amazon today!

Very Brief Update

IMG_1243 I haven’t posted in a bit because I had quite a round of illness lately. At first I thought it was flu, or a mystery disease. It included nausea, extreme shoulder/back pain and burning/tingling sensations in my hands and feet–even generally throughout my body.

I needed a rest in a rocking chair, like those pictured above!

Turns out that all this was due to a pinched nerve in my neck, as well as a rib out of place. I work a very physical job (am now looking for one that doesn’t require so much bending, lifting and twisting). They say a desk job can kill you. Well–ha–so can one where you are extremely active!

I found a local chiropractor who has helped me get my mobility back in just a few visits. And I feel about 10 years younger…great news for a gal in her early 40s.

Well, we all get older, but we don’t have to take it sitting down–or dancing around! :)

Time-lapse video of Earth from ISS

It makes me feel connected, not alone! An inspiring set of images for your day.


I’ve also shared this on a page I manage for a science fiction author–his work deals with robots, and how they will, unlike the Terminator, actually help us preserve the beauty and knowledge of our earthly home. Join us on Facebook today, for inspiration and great scientifically-accurate fiction: Preservation Society


A shameless promo….


Ok, so I’m deciding whether or not to keep my Facebook page. It has been a time of exploring social media–and my FB page has only 16 likes. That’s not a bad thing! I enjoy sharing links and coupons there. But it’s the unfortunate truth that Facebook doesn’t let a page owner see full analytical data until they have at least 25 likes.

So I’m sharing here, maybe if you enjoy this blog, you’ll give the Facebook page a try also. I need to see if it is worth continuing, and you can help if you “like” (yes, I love puns).

Here’s my FB address: Gothic Tones

Stop by and say hi–ask me to like your page if you have one!

Thanks, Suzan

Thanks! And my newest update…

Originally posted on Gothic Tones:


Thanks to all my readers and those blogs who’ve followed me. I have been finding it a bit of a struggle to keep up with social media and keep every site at its best.

That being said–I opened a Pinterest account today. Oh, no! But I hope to share the best photos with you there, plus some of the things I find that are interesting. I’m already in visual overload mode. This site has given me lots of photo ideas!

If you’d like to follow or visit my boards, find me at www.pinterest.com/suzantroutt/

Sincerely, thanks for your support! Starting a small business isn’t as easy as I imagined it would be, but it certainly helps to have smiles along the way. Thank you!

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