Pursuit of the Dream

20150122-073319-27199392.jpg So I’m still moving toward a goal in my life….it also seems pretty lost in the mist at this point, though I’m running toward it the best I know how. I think the main idea is to have a job I love to work at, that provides for my needs, while I begin a campaign to sell my art and writing, and develop my skills.

The night before last, I had a dream–it seemed so unusual. I was seeing a beautiful bay horse running along under a blue sky. And I really wanted to catch him! There were people around me who saw what was going on. They even said “you really want to catch that horse, don’t you?” But the same people started poking at my longing to ride a wild horse as a foolish dream: “why do you want that?” They discouraged me from pressing forward with my goal.

When I woke up, I realized that the practical life application was super clear. I keep surrounding myself with my own fears (aka the people in the dream).

The horse is the dream I want to catch, or the next level of the career. Perhaps he’s even a complete change of fortune(the word here meaning quality of life, not just riches). I can see him, but he’s moving faster than I am.

How to catch a wild dream?

I think I have to begin with separating myself from the fears. I think the dream won’t come near me while they are around.

The nest step may involve luring the dream to me, rather than relentlessly pursuing it.

Maybe this could be the basis for a new way of thought for me.

It certainly could be a way of career hunting that I hadn’t tried. Breaking away from the crowd and attracting the right match.

Well, if I write a book about it, you heard it here first! :)

Join the Preservation Society Today! (updated)


Many of my readers know that I’m helping a few authors promote their works: and while I’m building my own novel, I love seeing their work achieve success! Authors helping authors, that’s how it should be. :)

Today I’m bringing you a simple request that has super benefits for you too! Author Fred Rothganger is the editor(and I am co-editor)of the Preservation Society page on Facebook. When you like our page, you show your support for a scientist/ author who has some wonderful insights on the future of robotics. And you get access to articles, blog posts and commentaries on related subjects, plus an inside look at the books, for free! How amazing is that!

Did I mention that we’ve already done a novel giveaway?

And that we’ll have trivia contests in the future?

And info on upcoming works?

And art?

Really, you need to try it out!

Like our Facebook Page here: Preservation Society

Screenshot of a quote from the book(our latest status update)

Facebook Susan

Artwork copyright Fred Rothganger.

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faith Be sure to keep in the contest for the jewelry organizer that I’m giving away on May 22, 2015. Right now, my Facebook page has only 12 likes. That means you have a super chance to win this lovely organizer for yourself!

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Wishing for Inspiration


There’s a hole in the world….today. Yesterday I had a big-time epiphany at work that I am supposed to change jobs.

Oh, I knew it a few years ago, but I was comfortable, making good money, and even excelling at my work.

It wasn’t just that yesterday was a bad day, although the problems I faced were numerous. It was simply that I felt a lack of joy in my task.

For quite a few years I’ve enjoyed/endured what I do for a living. My past week of vacation time was spent in the company of writers and artists, and I realized then—THIS is what I’m looking for. Creative work, planning and scheduling events and social media, brainstorming, putting a project together, creative consulting—these are types of work that bring me joy.

As a result of that joy, I can do a much better job for my employer or myself. When there’s no joy, there’s no life!

But how to let go of a job that’s been an uncomfortable comfort?

I’m seeking a new path. In the meantime I soldier on, doing my best until that hole in the world becomes my door.

Any thoughts/insights on career change?

Robot Fight!

Teaser excerpt from Susan: A Romance with Technology…Swarm robot Susan thinks like a human girl. Another lab requests a copy of her, but when Susan-1 and Susan-2 meet, things get complicated—

“Where is she?! I’m not going to let her steal everyone from me!” Susan-1 turned and strode to the door of the lab….

The two gynoids saw each other, and instantly a synergy of evil took over. Each raised her right hand, pointed straight at the other, and yelled, “YOU!!”

Almost in unison they shouted, “Get out of here! You can’t have her!”

They both blinked. They studied each other for an intense moment, each knowing what the other was thinking. Then they charged, grabbed each other around the neck and wrestled. They staggered across a couch, knocked it over and tumbled onto
the floor behind it. They jumped up and tore at each other. Susan-1 ripped the right sleeve off Susan-2’s dress. It dangled like a rag. Susan-2 grabbed a generous lock of Susan-1’s hair and yanked it out.

Al whacked the kill-switch clipped to his belt. Susan-2 collapsed like a marionette, unconscious. Without hesitation Susan-1 straddled Susan-2 and drew her right arm all the way back….

What happens to Susan and her copy? The same personalities in identical bodies–

Find out here—Susan: A Romance with Technology is available for Kindle for 99 cents! http://www.amazon.com/SuSAn-Romance-Technology-Fred-Rothganger/dp/1505407338

like Author Fred Rothganger here for more info on upcoming books in this serieshttps://www.facebook.com/FredRothgangerAuthor


–artwork and book text copyright Fred Rothganger, 2014


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